Back in the day, I invested many, many boring and backbreaking hours picking things. The times we could not find meat, were the times we needed to pick our food. How boring and tedious! Sure, you may think it’s fun to pick a handful of berries on a summer day, but have you ever picked every berry you could find on the bush, then look for another bush, and then another one after that?

Gathering enough food to support yourself and your family is a LOT of work. You are walking in a silly stoop for miles, getting needles and thorns on your hands and feet. You grab all you can, ripe, unripe, over ripe. By the end of the day your back hurts terribly, your fingers are chafed and sore, and you are exhausted by the thought of having to do it again the next day. Have you noticed that no one wants to pick crops for a living? How about picking a whole field of tomatoes when the plants are scattered among bushes over miles of wild land?

There is a revival of caveman dining. It’s healthier, people say, to stay away from foods that humans have tricked into staying still and tasting better. I can only shake my head! I try to see it their way, though. I know they have never seen how few of us there were in the old days. How common it was to got to sleep near the fire with an empty stomach. How tragic to see your own children wasting away.

We had to eat whatever we could find, no matter the taste. We had to eat bugs, and roots, and bark, and rotting animals that we didn’t kill. We had to face the winter time, without good ways of storing much beyond meat crushed with berries. And for these tiny morsels, we had to work so hard!

But somewhere, someone tricked grasses into growing bigger seeds, more seeds, nutritious seeds. People could stay still and build a proper shelter, to have a little bit of free time to develop art or religion. This modern world is dependent on these seeds and no one knows how fortunate you really are. Well, some people do. The ones who have no grain can feel how lucky you are.

I say get fat on grain, enjoy the mountains of food you have figured out how to make. Do it for those of us who shivered on damp nights hating our jobs.