I am told by reliable people in nice tweed suits and reassuring gray beards that all the animals of the world have not always existed. Indeed not, they have changed and grown with the land they lived upon. Animals have struggled with the same sort of problems that plague human things; finding food, catching food, killing or reaching food, and pretty girls (or wide shouldered gutte-boys).

The story goes that not every lion hunts as well as his friend, not every deer runs as fast as his brother, and so some get a little bit more food and then impress more girls and thus have more babies. More babies mean that there will be more lions and deer that are descended from the better individuals and over time all the lions will be descended from them. Having changed a tiny bit, the deer or lion kind can begin changing again and again.

This is rather different than our own story among my people. The first ancestors, having caused (or rather allowed) humans to be, found they could not talk to them in any way. So they looked for help from those who were not busy. They asked the wind, the earth, the water, but they all had jobs already that needed to be done. There were, however, many shades of human things drifting back and forth with nowhere to go. The ancestors appointed them as messengers between them and the humans and allowed the other elements to form bodies for them so they could speak (not subsequent shades). The problem turned out to be that animals can’t strictly speak, but that’s another tale for another fire.

My problem with the story the people in jackets tell is that if the animals all descended from one another, developing into areas created by the elements, then what of the human things and the first ancestors? How are they then speaking to us? Until this question is answered I must reject this story!